Purchase and Installation

Once you purchase the Flash Page Flip, the link to the download file will be sent to you by e-mail. This will be a zip archive with the FPF files, the documentation and a sounds and language file. Download this archive to your computer and unzip it.

Starting the Work

HTML5 Version :

To start working, unzip files and edit the parameters in the source of HTML file with any text editor.

BASIC XML and FREE Version :

To start working, unzip files and edit XML configuration file.

PRO-PHP Version :

Unzip and place files in your php supported web server. Edit Config.php file and go to administrator panel for start working.

PRO-ASP Version :

Unzip and place files in your asp supported web server. Edit Config.asp file and go to administrator panel for start working.

HTML File Format (For HTML5 Version)

							// The number of pages

							pages: 12,
							// Magazine width

							width: 922,

							// Magazine height

							height: 600,

							// Duration in millisecond

							duration: 1000,

							// Enables gradients

							gradients: true,
							// Auto center this flipbook

							autoCenter: true,

							// Elevation from the edge of the flipbook when turning a page

							elevation: 50,

XML File Format (For BASIC-XML Version)


Config.php File Format (For PRO-PHP Version)


								'// ADMIN SETTINGS //
								define ("ADMIN_PASSWORD", "fpfadmin");	// Admin Password
								define ("WEBSITE_NAME", "Flash Page Flip");	// Your Website Name

								'// MySQL SETTINGS //
								define ("HOST", "localhost");	// database host
								define ("USR", "root");	// database username
								define ("PSW", "***");	// database password
								define ("DB", "magazine");	// database to use

								'// E-MAIL SETTINGS //
								define ("MAIL_FROM_NAME", "Online Publication");	// Sender Name
								define ("MAIL_SENDER_EMAIL", "");	// Sender E-mail
								define ("MAIL_SENDER_USERNAME", "");	// Sender E-mail Username
								define ("MAIL_SENDER_PASSWORD", "youremailpassword");	// Sender E-mail Password
								define ("MAIL_SERVER", "");	// Sender Mail Server
								define ("CHAR_SET", "8859-1");	// Mail Character Set Code
								define ("STF_SUBJECT", "Check This Out");	// Tell a Friend Mail Subject
								define ("STF_LINK", "");	// Your Publication Link For Tell a Friend
								define ("LOST_PASSWORD_SUBJECT", "Your Login Information");	// Lost Password Mail Subject


Config.asp File Format (For PRO-ASP Version)


								'// ADMIN SETTINGS //
								c_AdminPassword="12345678"	 ' <-- Admin_Password
								c_WebsiteName="Flash Page Flip"	 ' <-- Your_Website_Name

								'// MySQL SETTINGS //
								c_dbName="publication"	 ' <-- MySql_Database_Name
								c_dbUsername="root"	 ' <-- MySql_Username
								c_dbPassword="blank"	 ' <-- MySql_Password
								c_dbServer="localhost"	 ' <-- MySql_Server
								c_dbDriver="MySQL"	' <-- MySql_Driver

								'// E-MAIL SETTINGS //
								c_fromName="Online Publication"	 ' <-- Sender_Name
								c_senderEmail=""	 ' <-- Sender_E-mail
								c_senderUsername="SenderMailUsername"	 ' <-- Sender_E-mail_Username
								c_senderPassword="SenderMailPassword"	 ' <-- Sender_E-mail_Password
								c_senderMailServer=""	' <-- Sender_Mail_Server
								c_Charset="8859-1"	 ' <-- Mail_Character_Set_Code


Language File Format (Flash Versions)

							&langBackCover=Back Cover
							&langNextPage=Next Page
							&langPrevPage=Previous Page
							&langActualSize=Actual Size
							&langFitToPage=Fit To Page
							&langFullScreen=Full Screen
							&langExitFullScreen=Exit Full Screen
							&langCreatingPages=creating pages
							&langButZoomIn=zoom in
							&langButZoomOut=zoom out
							&langButGoFullScreen=full screen
							&langButExitFullScreen=exit full screen
							&langButFitToPage=fit to page
							&langButActualSize=actual size
							&langButHighQuality=high quality
							&langButLowQuality=low quality
							&langButSoundOn=sound on
							&langButSoundOff=sound off
							&langButSendToFriend=tell a friend
							&langButNote=add note
							&langButBack=go back
							&langButSelectColor=select color
							&langButSaveMarker=save markers
							&langButDelMarker=remove all markers
							&langButBackCover=back cover
							&langButNextPage=next page
							&langButPrevPage=previous page
							&langButGoToPage=go to page
							&langButBG4=light wallpaper
							&langButBG5=dark texture
							&langButBG6=light texture
							&langExpTextBG=select background image and sound
							&langButTryAgain=try again
							&langMarkerCantDel=unable to remove!
							&langExpTextMarker=select pen color
							&langExpTextPrint=please select page to print
							&langMarkerCantSave=unable to save!
							&langStf1=your e-mail address:
							&langStf2=your friend e-mail address:
							&langStf3=your message (optional):
							&langSendCantSend=unable to send!
							&langSendSend=has been send!
							&langNoteSubYourNote=your note:
							&langNoteSubDelete=Do you want to remove this note?
							&langExpTextLogin=For view to all pages must be member, if already a member please sign in, if you not member please click here to sign up...
							&langLoginForgotPassword=i forgot my password
							&langLoginCant=your login is incorrect!


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