Purchase and Installation

Once you purchase the Flash Page Flip, the link to the download file will be sent to you by e-mail. This will be a zip archive with the FPF files, the documentation and a sounds and language file. Download this archive to your computer and unzip it.

Starting the Work

HTML5 Version :

To start working, unzip files and edit the parameters in the source of HTML file with any text editor.

HTML File Format (For HTML5 Version)

							// The number of pages

							pages: 12,
							// Magazine width

							width: 922,

							// Magazine height

							height: 600,

							// Duration in millisecond

							duration: 1000,

							// Enables gradients

							gradients: true,
							// Auto center this flipbook

							autoCenter: true,

							// Elevation from the edge of the flipbook when turning a page

							elevation: 50,


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