Purchase and Installation

Once you purchase the Flash Page Flip, the link to the download file will be sent to you by e-mail. This will be a zip archive with the FPF files, the documentation and a sounds and language file. Download this archive to your computer and unzip it.

Starting the Work

HTML5 Version :

To start working, unzip files and edit the parameters in the source of HTML file with any text editor.

HTML File Format (for HTML5 Version)

You can customize your flipbook by editing following codes in the HTML source with any text editor.

							// The number of pages

							pages: 12,

							// Magazine width

							width: 922,

							// Magazine height

							height: 600,

							// Duration in millisecond

							duration: 1000,

							// Enables gradients

							gradients: true,

							// Auto center this flipbook

							autoCenter: true,

							// Elevation from the edge of the flipbook when turning a page

							elevation: 50,


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