01. Touch Support

Supported of the new HTML5 standard. Your publications are easily readable on iOS, Android and E-readers.

02. Fully Responsive

You can use it in every resolution! Full page, fullscreen, in iframe or frame options are available.

03. Full Customizable

You can edit colors, buttons, language, backgrounds, sounds, toolbars and add-remove buttons, etc...

04. Easy Installation

Installation is too easy! Just a plain text editor required for configuring. Define your pages on XML configuration file and edit the parameters on HTML file for customization. The extended documentation is also available.

05. Multi Language

Customize it according to your own language by editing the XML language file.

06. Multimedia, Animation, Links

Add sound, movie, animation and links to your pages.

07. Browser Compatibility

All browser versions are compatible.

08. Special Plugin Not Required

Special plugin is not required. Just JavaScript enabled browser is required.

09. Fullscreen View

Users can view fullscreen while using your page flip.

10. Resizable

Flash Page Flip coordinately works in all resolutions. By this feature, you can make your own publications in any size. Flash Page Flip provides a wide space by Full Screen function. Flash Page Flip also provides an easy usage by lowing display quality in users own configurations.

11. Right to Left (Left Beginning)

You are able to set Flash Page Flip as left beginning for right-to-left languages (like Arabic and Hebrew).

12. Hard Cover

You can select hard cover option.

13. Table of Content

You can make a table of content for your flipping book.

14. Page Thumbnails

You can create thumbnails of your pages.


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