Distant Sales Agreement

  1. Seller Information
  2. ​Title: (Hereafter, it is called as SELLER) A Plus Logistics Delivery Services Industry and Commerce Limited Company
    E-mail Address: hello@flashpageflip.com
    Web Address : www.flashpageflip.com
  3. Recipient Information
  4. ​Name / Surname / Title (Hereafter, it is called as RECIPIENT)
    Address: (Recipient's Address)
    Phone Number: (Recipient's Phone Number)
    E-mail Address: (Recipient's E-mail Address)
  5. Subject of the Agreement
  6. ​This agreement is between SELLER and customer (RECIPIENT), it includes online shopping and both sides are deemed to have accepted terms. RECIPIENT declares and accepts upon this contract provisions that s/he has knowledge about the basic characteristics of sales-related products, all rudiments-such as marketing price, payment rate, delivery terms etc.- of sales-related product and about right of withdrawal, s/he order the product after confirming this rudiments electronically.
  7. Creating Order
  8. ​The customer will place all orders on the website that takes place on the internet and indicated above. The customer should place the order on the internet even if the customer speak to SELLER on the phone or another pulpit.During order, all the data that were entered will be recorded by the SELLER.
  9. Product Delivery
  10. ​After the RECIPIENT orders and pays, in the next 24 hours access information will be sent to the recipient's e-mail adress. With this access information, the RECIPIENT will download the product that was bought on his/her own device. All the activities that the recipient had done in this delivery panel can record by the SELLER.
  11. The Declaration and Undertaking of The SELLER
  12. ​The SELLER is responsible for complete delivery of the product that is suitable for the qualities being pointed out during order. If the product will be delivered to other person or company, the SELLER is not responsible for refusal of this product.If the SELLER is under the condition that he/she will not deliver this product, the SELLER will inform the RECIPIENT as soon as possible. The SELLER returns all the documents, which he/she paid the price and debit, to the RECIPIENT entitled to return and cancel the order that had been paid by the RECIPIENT without ant reasons.
  13. The Right of the Withdrawal
  14. ​The SELLER only sells the copiable computer software products on www.flashpageflip.com. It is not possible that to accept return of the software products due to the regulations involved within "the right of withdrawal." In case of exaction, the request of refund will be denied.
  15. The Starting of the Agreement
  16. ​This agreement stars with the completion of the order of the customer on the SELLER's website. If the customer hasn't completed the payment process yet, this situation do not remove contract provisions.
  17. The Communication Between the Seller and the Recipient
  18. ​The RECIPIENT accepts to be informed about all the campaigns, discount opportunities, questionnaires and informations that was sent for determination of the customer satisfaction via electronic bulletin, e-mail, mobile phone and SMS.
  19. Applying the Agreement
  20. ​With the order agreement, the RECIPIENT accepts, declares and assumes that he/she read this agreement conditions and had knowledge about it by giving essential comfirmation.


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